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God has given me the words of this revelation word for word. He asked me to record them. It was not my mind involved in the recording of the words of this revelation.

I listened to the voice of God speaking to me very clearly and precisely which I then recorded.

I never had to think about what I had to write. I just listened to the words pouring out of my spirit.

I never knew what I was writing as I was writing. It was automatic writing and I never could predict what words would come forth.

Sometimes I had heard some words which I was not sure about and then I would ask the Lord what is the right word and He would give it to me. I was astonished at His wisdom and insight.

The revelation came forth in perfect English. Even more perfect than I could speak it.

The spelling was not given me; I had to use my discretion. Spelling was not important because there is a spell checker on the computer.

The computer often wanted to correct the sentences or the sense of what the voice told me to write and how to write it.

I was told to write it exactly; therefore I did not use the computer sentences or senses.

I was often attacked by the enemy and had to backtrack a couple of words and then hear correctly.

I would make sure I was in the spirit and I would keep myself under the blood of the Lamb of God.

This kept the revelation pure.

I would be in the middle of a sentence and my wife would call me for breakfast, dinner or supper and I would leave off writing and go and eat. I would help her dry the dishes and often had to go and do something else.

When I came back to write the voice carried on where it left off exactly. I did not have to go and read over what I had written. The voice just carried on.

God astounded me with this procedure.

I very seldom read what I had written leaving it to when I typed the manuscript onto the computer.

I was astounded at the accuracy of what was recorded and also its content and intent as well. Its English grammar and sentence structure was amazing.
Many words that I did not know personally came out of my spirit. This is a true revelation from God given by the Spirit of God. I cannot claim infallibility for myself but I do say I have listened very carefully and I have recorded what I heard.

I have tried to test, by the Spirit and the Word, what I heard.

Some things as heard are spiritually correct according to the Word of God which I have studied and prayed over since a boy of fourteen 14 years of age. I am at this present time 67 years old.

Seeking God intensely and sincerely and asking him for my life's work, He has asked and told me to write for Him these revelations.

He met with me in a great white light about eight and a half years ago and after that He gave me nine books to write for Him. Seven books were written in one and a half years. These books consist in total of one hundred and forty s sub chapters.

The eighth book has taken me seven and a half years to write. It consists of twenty chapters and two hundred and twenty subchapters. Or twenty books with two hundred and twenty subchapters.

The ninth book is an autobiography He told me to write as well which at the time of this writing is not finished yet.

The titles of the books were given to me as well as all the chapters, by revelation. Nothing of all these books was thought out by me.

It all came about by revelation through the voice of Christ given by the Holy Spirit.

Also in transposing the hand written manuscripts word for word onto the computers, I have been fanatically careful to do it word for word.

I have kept the original manuscripts hand written for use as a master copy for accuracy checks of the final products.

This is no easy task as it takes patience which I never had. God has helped me to become extremely patient.

This is a miracle in itself in my life from God.

I do not say I have no sin but I can say that with the Lord’s help I do not live in sin.

I try to exercise the fruit of the Spirit and the graces of the Spirit of the Lord in my daily life.

These revelations consist of a total of 15 mysteries that God has given me. 7 are the mysteries of godliness and eight are the mysteries of iniquity.

These mysteries are given from the throne of God.

They are mysteries. They are not the word of God and they are not a new bible. They are based on God's written word expounded clearly for the end time and time of the end purpose of God.

The Lord told me to call the 7 Revelations by the names He gave me, and the eighth revelation He instructed me to call, The voice of the seven thunders.

I do not claim anything whatsoever to be my own thoughts, ideas and even opinions.

I merely wrote down what I heard.

I am not the author of the message. I am only the recorder. I did not think it out; I listened and recorded what I heard. God said to me that I am not responsible for or towards souls, He is. None of you are my souls, you are all God's souls and I respect you all for that.

I am not a judge nor am I the judge. God is.

God said to me "Just record the message; I am going to use it for my own glory."

He said "The message will go out through the whole world"

He said "You must not force the message on anyone"

"Just offer it to them and let them decide if they want it"

He said "They will hear or forbear to hear. Those that will receive it will receive it and those that won’t, won’t. Whoever receives you receives Me and My Father."

"Whoever receives these words, receives My words and the words of My Father."

Here is the revelation. Do not check the Word of God against the revelation. Check the revelation against the Word of God.

Recorder of the message.
George Kevyn Weber.
Please note! Any bible verses quoted are quoted from the old King James Version of the Christian Bible.
Copyright of the book: The Voice Of The Seven Thunders: by the author MR. George Kevyn Weber. No unauthorized reprints or copying of the book and contents may be done by any means, electronic, digital, photostat or other means.