1) Types of memberships.

Description Members Designation Special Privileges Monthly membership fee
Regular Membership RM Member ( number ) Discounts on everything. R 70-00 Per month
Privileged Membership PM Member ( number ) Special privileges all things. R 70-00 Per month
Missionary Membership MM Member ( number ) Very special privileges all things. Free
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2) My personal ministry is not from the books of man: but from the bible the word of God (King James Version only). I have been taught by the Holy Spirit of God and of Christ himself. Many instructors were used by God the Lord to teach and help me to come to the Fullness of the stature of Christ. That does not mean that I have arrived at all but it does mean that I am at the start of the fullness of the stature of Christ. (See Ephesians 4 verse 13.)

I do not work alone but with specially selected people that the Lord has sent my way to assist me and my wife in our ministry. No man can operate alone, he has to have people that help, support, provide. These are faithful to their calling, choosing and election in Christ.

They are essential to our ministry and a number of them are still with us. No man can come unto Jesus except the Father draw him. Jesus then sends all those, He desires, to come to our ministry and work with us to assist us to expand the kingdom of God on this earth.

No one can stay with us unless they have been called chosen and elected by the Lord Jesus Christ himself. This does not mean that we are the only people on earth chosen on the earth to do something for the Lord and his kingdom.

We are not a church as such but a work for the lord in His church which is His alone and not another's. He is the head of His church of which we are a part. No other work is non acceptable or blessed by Him that He calls into being, sustains and keeps by the Power of His Holy Spirit.
We do not claim to be better or worse than any other organization who works for His church. We do try to stay within the boundaries of His calling. We are willing to work with any other church that is true or any other organization or even any individual that is true in their hearts.
We have survived so many onslaughts from those who are not true and who say they are the owners of their own church and who practice as such. We do realize that on earth we do need some organization or other to be a vessel in the Masters hands. Earthly practice does dictate that we are registered legally on earthly planes but the glory, praise and honor of His work belongs to Him alone.

We do not need slanted religious people who want to remain slanted and who never repent to the truth of the Lord and the Word of God. There are organizations and churches that look after them. What we do need is Word and Spirit filled people that love the Lord and His work and souls as well.
The Lord will not return to collect organizations, buildings, houses, cares and money etc, He will return to collect the men and women, children and boys and girls that He saved, redeemed and delivered by His Word, His blood and His Spirit.

We have ministered to many thousands of souls and have wonderful testimonies of healings, both natural and spiritual, conversions to true Christianity and changes in their lives. This is what the Lord has called me and my wife for. This is what we love to do for the Lord. We help them to change deep down inside with the Lord's help and then they can continue with us or they can leave. It is their choice.

Only those that the Lord wants us to mentor will stay with us, the others will leave and go and work for the Lord elsewhere. We follow Jesus' words in the Word of God to go and make disciples of all nations, beginning at Jerusalem, then Samaria and finally to the utter most parts of the world. Acts 1:8 Not everyone is called or willing to do this, but there are those who are committed to do this. We do not fight other organizations or churches nor do we find fault with them, to their own master they either stand or fall (Romans 14 verse 4) .We do have discernment to see who are true and who are false. The true we accept and the false we avoid. The false that are not true fall out of the boat through the grace of the Lord. They either come right or they leave of their own accord or we ask them to leave.

We only want the corn we do not want the chaff. The chaff can choose where they want to be. Corn is corn and chaff is chaff. We take care of the corn with the help of the Lord and the Lord himself will decide what he wants to do with the chaff.
We invite you to join our effort and organization if you are willing to work with the Lord and us. We have a place for you to help and to grow with our organization. You can belong to your own church because we are not a church as such. We are helpers in the kingdom and vineyard of the Lord.
We do not want you to pay your tithes to our organization as the word clearly states that you must bring your tithes into The Lord's store house which is the church organization to which you belong to. If you do not belong to any church we will gladly accept your tithes and offerings if you should join up with us or if you are willing to work with us.

We offer memberships to people that wish to join up with us and this is clearly outlined in our official website THE LIGHTHOUSE Klerksdorp which is a profit Christian organization. It has been going for 16 years thanks to the Lord's help and provision. During this time we helped with the help of the Lord, thousands of people to find the Lord, serve the Lord, become disciples of the Lord, to come free of bondages, aberrations, inhibitions, exhibitions, maladies, traumas and so on.

I am a degreed master of ministries and have applied for a doctorate which is pending. I have been appointed as a specialist counseling pastor. My ministry as a servant of the Lord includes the following ministries. Helps, teacher, prophet, oracle, intercessor, counselor, deliverer, all done under the Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God, the Spirit of the Lord and the Spirit of Christ through the Word.

The Word of God says that there is only one Spirit, one Lord and one God. There is also only one baptism and one hope of our calling (Ephesians four). All organizations and churches and people that believe this are part of the body of Christ once Christ has made them a part of His body. He is the head and He does this through the Holy Spirit.

Everyone has their own particular calling of God, and as long as they abide therein with Him they are accepted in the the beloved of the Lord, but only if they obey Him and abide in His Calling, choosing and election. You are maybe one of His and you are trying to find a place to fit in, here is your chance but you need to make sure that this is where you are called by Him.

Our foundation is built on the Lord Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 3 verse 11) the chief cornerstone (Ephesians 2 verse 20) my wife and I and my family have our church of which we are members of for many years. I am about 51 years in this church and they have appointed me and my wife as elders in the local congregation.

Christ has given and allowed me to write nine books which are very powerful spirit filled word based mysteries revealed to me by the Spirit. They are all finished except the ninth one which I am still busy with. I could not write books like these without the help of the Spirit of God.

There are discipleship training courses, missionary training courses and books, available and these can be purchased from our website. The lighthouse e mail and details are available in the website. We also have duplicatable distributor's programs that can be used to give service to the kingdom of God to make disciples and to make a living out of it as well as in brick and mortar establishments and internet ministries as well.

Check out our website and contact us for any product or advice you need from or concerning THE LIGHTHOUSE Klerksdorp. We would love to hear from you. Love to you and to all of yours.
George Kevyn Weber. (M.min)
Secretary and Operations manager
THE LIGHTHOUSE Klerksdorp. Profit Organization.