These topical lectures are excellently presented and are expounded from the word of God the New Testament.

Key Benefits
Read and learn how to exponentially receive knowledge and faith.
Read and learn at the same time.
Become wise in the word of God.
Come into the Spirit.
Become a part of Christ's church, a part of Christ's body and a part of the bride of Christ.


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001k The Reach. R 40-00 R For all 5
002k The Reason.
003k The Reign.
004k The Right.
005k The Ransom.

006k The Will. R 40-00 R For all 5
007k The Wait.
008k The Witness.
009k The Water.
010k The Wonder.

011k The People. R 40-00 R For all 5
012k The Place.
013k The Preparation.
014k The Promise.
015k The Praise.

016k The Yea And Amen. R 40-00 R. For all 5
017k The Yes And The No
018k The Years.
019k The Yearning.
020k The Yeamen.

021k The Number. R 40-00 R For all 5
022k The Name.
023k The Nation.
024k The Nemesis.
025k The Nature.

026k The Line Up. R 40-00 R For all 5
027k The Longing.
028k The Lighthouse.
029k The Last.
030k The Labor.

031k The Pleasure. R 40-00 R For all 5
032k The Plan.
033k The Player.
034k The Play.
035k The Part

036k How Many. R 40-00 R For all 5
037k How To Do.
038k How Come.
039k How So.
040k How To Do.

041k The Flavor. R 40-00 R For all 5
042k The Fight.
043k The Fuel.
044k The Favor.
045k The Funeral.

046k The Foundation. R 40-00 R For all 5
047k The Fortune.
048k The Famine.
049k The Folly.
050k The Finish.

051k The World System Of Morality. R 20-00
052k The Lord's System Of Morality. R 20-00
053k Morality As A Standard. R 20-00
054k Politics As A Standard. R 20-00
055k Economics As A Standard. R 20-00
056k Religion As A Standard. R 20-00
057k Militarism As A Standard. R 20-00
058k Legalism As A Standard. R 20-00
059k The Morality Of The Day. R 20-00
060k Morality Of Christ's Elect. R 20-00
061k Morality As A Tool. R 20-00
062k Social Morality And Its Evils. R 20-00
063k The Morality Of The Masses. R 20-00
064k The Country Morality. R 20-00
065k The Mainstream Morality. R 20-00
066k The Family Morality. R 20-00
067k The Morality Of The Individual. R 20-00
068k The New World Morality Of Man. R 20-00
069k The New World Morality Of Christ. R 20-00
070k The End Of All Things. R 20-00
071k Heed The Call Of Christ. R 20-00
072k Respond To The Call Of Christ. R 20-00
073k Come To Christ As You Are. R 20-00
074k Stay With Him Forever. R 20-00
075k Do As He Tells You. R 20-00
076k Listen To What He Says. R 20-00
077k Live Out What You Believe. R 20-00
078k Let Him Be Your Guide Always. R 20-00
079k Give Him Your All In Surrender. R 20-00
080k Don't Refuse Him Or Neglect Him. R 20-00
081k Follow Him And His Ways. R 20-00
082k Let Him Show You How. R 20-00
083k Believe Him Implicitly In Everything. R 20-00
084k Let Him Be Your Teacher. R 20-00
085k Share Him With Others. R 20-00
086k Do Not Be Jealous Of Others. R 20-00
087k Let Others Share Him With You. R 20-00
088k Walk In Secret With Him. R 20-00
089k Follow In Faith, Fullness And Love. R 20-00
090k Do Not Look Back Or Around. R 20-00
091k Who Designed Marriage. R 20-00
092k Why Marry And For What. R 20-00
093k The Meaning Of Marriage. R 20-00
094k The Purpose Of Marriage. R 20-00
095k Is Marriage necessary? R 20-00
096k Is Marriage Important? R 20-00
097k Can Marriage Be Substituted? R 20-00
098k Is Divorce Allowable? R 20-00
099k Does God Honor Marriage? R 20-00
100k Can The Married Be Happy? R 20-00
101k Is The Marriage Bed Of God? R 20-00
102k Is Married Love Possible? R 20-00
103k The Problem Marriage. R 20-00
104k Can The Problem Marriage Be Resolved? R 20-00
105k Pre Marital Sexuality. R 20-00
106k Is Sex Holy, Pure And Right? R 20-00
107k Incompatibility Between Couples? R 20-00
108k The Orgasmic Experience In Love. R 20-00
109k Life's Trials And Marriage. R 20-00
110k Marriage, God's Ultimate Plan. R 20-00
111k The World And Its Ways. R 20-00
112k The World In Action. R 20-00
113k The World In The Plan Of God. R 20-00
114k The World And God's Heart. R 20-00
115k The World In Rebellion. R 20-00
116k God's Plan For The World. R 20-00
117k The Church Of Christ. R 20-00
118k The Church Of Christ Called Out. R 20-00
119k The Church In Formation. R 20-00
120k The Church In Suffering. R 20-00
121k The Church In Persecution. R 20-00
122k God's Plan For The True Church. R 20-00
123k Who And What Is The Church? R 20-00
124k The Church Has Its Own Entity. R 20-00
125k The World Has Its Own Entity. R 20-00
126k Who Rules The Church? R 20-00
127k The World Is Ruled By Satan. R 20-00
128k The World In Confusion. R 20-00
129k The Church In Peace R 20-00
130k The Church And The Bride Of Christ. R 20-00
131k Christ's Church In Christ. R 20-00
132k No Other Way But Christ. R 20-00
133k The World Has No Part In It. R 20-00
134k The Church Has A Part To Play. R 20-00
135k The Bride Of Christ In Preparation. R 20-00
136k The World And The Church. R 20-00
137k The World And The Bride. R 20-00
138k The Church And The Bride. R 20-00
139k The Way Of The World. R 20-00
140k The Way Of Christ's Church. R 20-00
141k The Way Of The Bride. R 20-00
142k The World Is First Or Is It? R 20-00
143k Christ Is First Or Is He? R 20-00
144k The First And The Last. R 20-00
145k The World A Lost Cause. R 20-00
146k The Church A Wonderful Hope. R 20-00
147k The Bride A Blessed Sacred Wife. R 20-00
148k The Bride And The Bridegroom. R 20-00
149k The Bridal Party Invited. R 20-00
150k The Bride Of End Times. R 20-00
151k The Commission Of Christ To His Church. R 20-00
152k The Task Of The Church Of Christ. R 20-00
153k The Heritage Plan Of Christ For His Church. R 20-00
154k The Heritage Provision For Christ's Church. R 20-00
155k The Heritage Means Of Christ's Body. R 20-00
156k What Christ Wants From His Church. R 20-00
157k Christ And His Church Following. R 20-00
158k Christ's Church And His Bride R 20-00
159k There Is A Bridal Party For His Church. R 20-00
160k Calling The Bridal Party To Readiness. R 20-00
161k The Bridal Party Robes A Necessity. R 20-00
162k Righteousness And The Bridal Parties Invitation. R 20-00
163k The Privileged In Christ And No One Else . R 20-00
164k The Groom Will Come For His Bride. R 20-00
165k The Bride Must Be Ready When He Comes. R 20-00
166k The Bridal Party Must Be Ready As Well. R 20-00
167k Who Will Help The Bridal Party To Be Ready? R 20-00
168k Who Constitutes The Bridal Party? R 20-00
169k The Marriage Supper Of The Lamb? R 20-00
170k The Heritage Of The Lamb In Heaven. R 20-00