I am and never will be a writer that can put ideas, thoughts and intentions together into a book that will be acceptable to people. I do not have the personal capability to do this.

I am not, without the Lord telling me literally what to say, capable of writing books. I find it very tedious and extremely frustrating, the few times I have attempted to do so, my efforts landed up in the dust bin.
These books, which are actually revelations, given through the Spirit of the Lord, are a completely different matter. The Lord met with me in a white light and gave them to me by speaking to me, and by my listening very carefully, intently and observantly, I was able to commit them to paper. I did not, nor could not remember them, as my memory is very scant. I can hardly remember what happened three days ago, let alone remembering words numbering thousands upon thousands.
As I received the revelations, so I immediately recorded them word for word as God was talking to me. I have never in my life encountered such patience with me and my weakness, faults and failings as I listened and wrote what I heard. The voice was so gentle, kind and patient with me, and the work was spread over eight years. I learned patience from the Lord and I learned to love, from the Lord as well.
The message contained in this revelation is not God condemning man but man allowing himself to be condemned. God does not condemn whosoever He has came to save, by sending Jesus to save them, but allows all those that reject Jesus His Son, to be condemned of themselves.
Being condemned of themselves, He has no other option but to condemn them as well. Those that do not know about Jesus, or have never heard about Him, or have never known about His saving blood, will perish forever according to the scriptures.
That is why God sent Jesus to go and save the world. That is why these revelations are given by God, so that people may be informed about His saving grace.
God has many ways and many servants and many instruments that are passing the message of the gospel to as many as possible. He is using, books, the media and personal communication to spread the word emanating from His word, the bible.
In these oracle messages he is encouraging whosoever reads them, to get ready for liberation by Jesus Christ the Son of God, who is also the Son of man. Choices are to be made that will bring liberty to all who choose to heed the gospel message.
Some, in fact billions, will choose not to take the golden scepter of mercy extended towards them. That is their personal prerogative. Others, in fact billions, will choose to take hold of God's golden scepter of mercy and grace extended towards them.
That is their personal prerogative. The word of God says that those that were bidden to the marriage of His Son, refused to come and they were unworthy to attend, therefore he sent His servants into the highways and the byways, to bid anyone to come to the wedding, so that the wedding feast would not be unattended.
You may be one of these.
Love from me and mine to you and all of yours. George Kevyn Weber. The recorder of the messages.